Programme 2022

The third edition of the Cima Norma Art Festival will be held from 9 July to 4 September 2022 in the spaces of the Fondazione La Fabbrica del Cioccolato in Torre/Blenio. The Festival is centred around the collective exhibition, which can be visited from Thursday to Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., flanked by three evening events, on 9 July, 30 July and 13 August, during which concerts, readings, performances and plays will be presented. This is the complete programme of events, which can also be downloaded in PDF format.  To view or download the PDF of the programme please click here.

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9 July-4 September
Reading Worlds
James Bridle, Collectif Fact, Matteo Fieni, Fragmentin + Lauren Huret, Dominique Koch, Salvatore Vitale
Opening hours:
In the occasion of the evening events opening hours are extended until 23.00

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The exhibition at the centre of this third edition of the Festival questions the legibility of today’s world, proposing a number of contemporary positions that focus their critical attention on the way in which reality is interpreted today in a context dominated by digitalisation, algorithms, Big Data and the increasing spread of forms of artificial intelligence. What emerges forcefully is the need for a different “reading of the world”, starting from the questioning of our own identity, which can no longer be seen as an autonomous and pre-existing entity, but must be read as the fruit of a continuous metamorphosis, as a relational process that is defined within the incessant exchange that we entertain with the ecosystems with which we cohabit.

9 July
Official opening of the edition 2022

Official opening of the third edition of the Festival and exhibition vernissage with speeches by Elio Schenini, artistic director of the Festival and Giovanni Casella Piazza, president of the Foundation La Fabbrica del Cioccolato. Apéro follows.

9 July

Julie Semoroz

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Julie Semoroz’s musical research moves with an experimental attitude between sounds and noises, focusing on the human voice and field recordings. Myéline, the piece presented here, is a reflection on the possibilities of human and animal vocalisation and the transmission of neural information. In the human brain there are 100 billion neurons whose task is to enable the exchange of information between the environment and the organism and which are capable of receiving, analysing and producing information. Within this mechanism, the function of myelin is to greatly increase the speed of message conduction. Part of the sounds that make up the piece come from information obtained from experiments conducted with electroencephalograms at the CISA of the University of Geneva and made available to the artist.

9 July


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As for many electronic musicians, field recording is one of the particles that nourishes the research of Marcel Gschwend, aka Bit-Tuner, a St. Gallen artist living in Zurich who, in a career spanning more than 20 years, has developed a unique and unmistakable style, frequently collaborating in areas as diverse as dance, theatre, visual arts, fashion shows or film soundtracks. His compositions range from hip-hop-beat to technoid-bass music via electronica and noise. The result is a soundscape tending towards dark tones, but always charged with great energy and nourished by powerful bass.

9 July

DJ Johnny Haway

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DJ Johnny Haway have a chameleonic DJ behaviour. That’s mean the musical form is in a way irrelevant. He digs in different genres and often mix them together. Johnny Haway juggle with different styles of music combining avant-garde noises mixed with left field electronica, weird disco halal, new African dance music, dub, dancehall, experimental techno, house and lots of less classifiable styles. He has a predilection on shaking bone to let people dance in a weird way or just let them lay down contemplating the stars.

30 July
Ore 17.00
Sara Catella

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Glimpses of female life in the Blenio Valley at the beginning of the 20th century reconstructed from the “reading” of some photographs by Roberto Donetta, one of the most significant figures among the pioneers of photography in Ticino. This is the starting point for Sara Catella’s debut book Le malorose. With a personal linguistic impasto, the author gives voice to the midwife Caterina Capra, called to the bedside of Don Antonio, parish priest of Corzoneso, who has lost the use of speech due to an unknown illness. The frank and vigorous voice of the midwife, which rises and swells page after page, takes in, in a choral j’accuse, the voices of the many women she has met over the years. The result is a gallery of female portraits through which the author becomes the spokesperson for a protest that remains – even for those of us who believe we live in ‘another’ world – surprisingly topical.

30 July

31 July
18.30 and 21.00
Theatre show

Concept and realization: Cristina Galbiati e Ilija Luginbühl
Production: Trickster-p, LAC Lugano Arte e Cultura

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Combining performance, installation and game design, in their very recent project entitled Eutopia, premiered at the LAC in Lugano in March, Cristina Galbiati and Ilija Luginbühl question old biological, ecological and anthropological models. The performance develops on the basis of a participatory mechanism in which the spectators, seated around an enormous game table, are called upon to “read” and modify with their actions the symbolic territory with which they must interact. Involved in a board game whose rules are initially obscure, but then become increasingly clear, the spectators contribute with their choices to delineating possible worlds in which the human and the non-human are called upon to coexist. In addition to the performance on Saturday 30 July at 18.30, two performances are scheduled the 31 July at 18.30 and at 21.00. The number of spectators for each performance is limited and reservations are required, which can be made by sending an e-mail to:

30 July

Chuchchepati Orchestra


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By 2050, half of the glaciers in the Alps will have disappeared. In the meantime, the ice masses continue to creak, tingle, groan, drip, screech and gurgle. The multiple acoustic expressions of these retreating giants were listened to and recorded with underwater and contact microphones as part of a field recording project initiated by Professor Girot of the Institute for Landscape Architecture at ETH Zurich. With its project Gletscherzungen, which combines live concert and sound installation, the Chuchchepati Orchestra, consisting of Ludwig Berger, Dieb13, Julian Sartorius and Patrick Kessler, creates a musical dialogue with the sounds of the glaciers, immersing the audience in an unprecedented sound world.

30 July

Simon Grab and Francesco Giudici

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The musical project resulting from the collaboration between Simon Grab and Francesco Giudici proposes a sound interpretation of the world, starting with a crude and illusion-free reading of a reality, the contemporary one, on which multiple threats loom. Like war sirens announcing an imminent disaster, their sounds invite us to become aware of the inevitable end of the Anthropocene. From the dialogue between Simon Grab’s pulsating frequencies and ‘no input’ electronic sounds and Francesco Giudici’s guitar drones, a singular musical structure takes shape that feeds on feelings of loss and anger and appears as an obsessive call for change. Video images by the artist Aline D’Auria will accompany the concert.

13 August
Fabio Pusterla

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Poet, translator and essayist, author of numerous collections of poetry and essays on literary and linguistic themes, Fabio Pusterla, one of the most authoritative voices of literature in contemporary Italian-speaking Switzerland, has been ‘reading the world’ for fifty years through his work as a writer. Not only that, the need to continue to cultivate and refine our ability to read texts and thus the world was one of his main concerns during his long years of teaching in the Canton’s high schools. Interweaving reflections and poems, his own and those of authors he has met or translated over the years, Pusterla tells us about the incessant attempt to place the world in a universe of meaning. An attempt that constitutes the essence of that inseparable pair composed of two mutually specular and complementary acts such as writing and reading.

13 August

Jonathan Frigeri

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Jonathan Frigeri, artist and musician working in Geneva, has for years been investigating the ways in which radio contributes to our reading of everyday reality. What he is proposing on this occasion is a project that mixes elements of experimental music, sound art and performance. A digression somewhere between a fantastic tale and a scientific experiment that gradually seems to slip into an occult and mysterious dimension. Starting from a reflection on radio space and its relationship with man, Frigeri stages a ritual to give listeners a new experience, imbued with magic.

13 August

Joke Lanz

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Joke Lanz is a pioneer of the electronic independent scene and a crossover artist whose work spans improvised and experimental music, noise and turntablism, performance art and musique concrète. In addition to theatre and film music, radio works, installations and objects, there are two constants in his work: turntablism – making music by manipulating vinyl records; and his action project “Sudden Infant”, which was transformed into a trio in 2014 after 25 years as a one-man operation. In an intense performance that mixes sound fragments and words, Joke Lanz talks about the difficulty of finding meaning in the world around us.